Pourquoi porter un costume sur mesure: 7 raisons incontestables

Why wear a tailor-made suit: 7 indisputable reasons

The impressive feeling of a tailor-made suit

If there is one piece of clothing that is essential and essential to a man's wardrobe, it is undoubtedly: The suit!


This chic, classy and luxurious outfit which gives men incredible charm, is a garment that can be worn in all colors and with all patterns.


During the day for your work, for a romantic evening, for a business trip, for a drink, or even for a wedding, the suit accompanies you on all your occasions.


And yes, these days, the men's suit no longer reflects the image of obligatory work clothing with a cumbersome tie, but rather a modern and stylish outfit that can also be casual.


It's up to you to personalize it, according to your needs but above all, according to your desires.


Indeed, today, you have the possibility of personalizing your suit by making a tailor-made one by simply taking measurements. For a costume adapted to your needs, effective but above all unique in its kind.


Contrary to popular belief, a tailor-made suit is not really more expensive than a ready-to-wear suit. So why deprive yourself ?


Don't you see the point in a custom-made suit?


No problem, that’s our topic of the day.


· Because you need to get the shape you deserve:


Every man is unique and therefore deserves the suit that suits his body shape and silhouette, but also his desires and needs.


You don't feel comfortable with a wide and classic model? Can not find your size ? Too wide or too short? You don't like the material or the colors? Do you want a specific model? After purchasing your suit, do you still have alterations to make?


This is the main reason to opt for a custom-made suit, with the shape you want!


· Because it is timeless, tailor-made never goes out of fashion:


A ready-to-wear suit is a model that has been designed according to the current trend. It only takes a few months for the model sold in stores to no longer be fashionable.


What a waste to buy a magnificent suit, quality suit to only wear it once.


Wearing an old-fashioned suit for a special occasion would be frowned upon, right?

Here's why making a tailor-made suit, with your model, your material and your patterns, without forgetting your details, remains a stylish, effective but above all economical solution.


· Because the perfect fit motivates you to stay in shape:


A suit that is too baggy will make you think you don't have a nice body and are too skinny. Which will no longer make you want to wear it!


Likewise, a suit that is too tight will make you look like you are a few extra pounds and that your body shape is not suitable for suits.


In both cases, costumes that are poorly fitted to your body shape will create complexes and flaws, even if they don't exist! You won't be comfortable and you'll throw all your costumes in the trash.


To avoid this physical and moral disaster, a tailor-made suit is the best solution, because you will obtain a suit adapted to your body shape which will therefore enhance you and give you all your charm. The details will thus be refined with your silhouette and you will therefore be able to easily wear a suit, while remaining in great shape.

A suit in harmony with your figure

· Because it’s exclusive:


By opting for a tailor-made suit, one thing you will be guaranteed is that no two will be the same!


Do you like to stand out from others? Do you have an important business trip, a meeting with highly qualified people? Do you want to pull out all the stops for your wedding? Do you like precision, details, finishes and quality accessories?


The custom-made men's suit is your solution! This will allow you to have your own costume model made especially for you, by a professional stylist and designed by one of the greatest designers. Who says better ?


· Because your clothes are of quality and therefore last longer:


A custom-made suit is a suit made by a designer, down to the smallest detail.

It is synonymous with a good quality suit made from highly qualified fabric and enhanced by touches of originality adapted and handmade with love, passion and precision.


A standard suit is a suit made industrially, which means: by machine.


The fabric is simple, wrinkles quickly and can, with a simple movement, tear. These are fabrics that do not hold up well to stains and frequent washing. Result ? A fabric that loses its color, its shine and therefore its beauty, without forgetting the famous scenario of the suit becoming too small or, on the contrary, too big after washing.


Thanks to the tailor-made suit, you yourself will be able to find out about the quality of the fabric and order it to make a quality suit down to the smallest detail, with an exclusive fabric, for a one-of-a-kind suit, of good quality and which will inevitably last longer.


· Because you can showcase your personal style:


Since you were young, have you had a creative side and do you like to customize your clothes to give them style and originality? Do you like to match colors and patterns? Traditional tailors in stores don't reflect who you really are?

Having a custom suit sewn is a solution that will give you more elegance and allure! You will be able to create your own model for a costume worthy of your dreams, down to the smallest details.


· Because every time you put on a custom piece, you can imagine your social advancement:


From the simple and shy employee, to the nice boss, to the millionaire, to the minister, to the commander, thanks to the unique and personalized costume made to measure to meet your desires, even the wildest, you will be able to change the image that you reflect in society and therefore create and imagine your social advancement.


Without forgetting that a tailor-made suit will make you more credible in front of those around you, near or far.


In the professional world, for example, a tailor-made suit will allow you to better assert yourself, both in front of your bosses and with your clients.

And there you have it, now you know all the secrets of a custom-made suit!


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