Comment s’habiller comme Idris Elba ?

How to dress like Idris Elba?

Idris Elba in a custom suit

He may not be the next James Bond, but Idris Elba's style is nothing short of suave. The English actor has had a career spanning over twenty-five years, but it is only in the last decade that he has gained widespread notoriety thanks to his roles in Luther, Star Trek and alongside Matthew McConaughey in the adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark, The Tower.


If you've ever seen Idris in evening wear, you may have come away with a singular impression: this man is a true style icon! He is frequently followed for his bold and chic look.


While Idris has certainly set the bar high in terms of fashion, there are principles any man can learn from studying his ensembles. It's important to be a little daring, personalize your clothes and tailor your suits to measure.


Armed with his impressive figure and bulging muscles, Idris relies heavily on his suits. As a result, an Idris Elba suit always features an exquisite, tapered cut as well as sleeve and pant leg lengths that fit perfectly.


Like most Hollywood stars, he favors traditional shades like black, gray and dark blue and never copies the latest extravagant trends, which will eventually disappear in months or even weeks.


Idris' absolute enthusiasm for chic and formal clothing is worth emulating. Unfortunately, modern society sometimes fails to appreciate what this kind of clothing can do for a man - the power, authority and luxury these suits can bestow.


It helps to have a star as gifted and striking as Idris Elba boasting some gorgeous, classy costumes. This reminds us that many people immediately feel respect for a person wearing a well-tailored suit.


Idris Elba's sartorial prowess lies in his ability to skirt fleeting trends, instead of sticking to tried and tested formulas for formal and casual dressing. People magazine's 2018 Sexiest Man Alive knows the importance of good tailoring, sticks to neutral tones, and puts a unique spin on classic men's fashion by experimenting with textures and sometimes color palettes.


Here's how to replicate the Idris Elba style.


Opt for the simple and chic hairstyle:

Idris Elba haircut

Just like the actor's style, Idris Elba's haircut is understated but classic. Elba tends to go for a crew cut or a skinhead cut with a subtle fade every now and then.


Try on the hats

Idris Elba in hat

Speaking of hats, most adults prefer to wear sweatshirts and baseball caps, sneakers and designer bags. It's a lot of fun Yes. But for Elba, his hats are a finishing touch of luxury and a blend of English heritage and modern minimalism – a real touch of contemporary menswear without a doubt.


Stay true to your identity:


To imitate Idris Elba's street style, it's best not to overdo it. Elba's casual outfits are based on a neutral color palette of black, gray, white and navy, and consist of fitted tees and Henleys, structured outerwear and slim pants or jeans.


The English actor and sometimes DJ incorporates details like flat caps and patterned buggy boots to keep things interesting.


Don't be afraid of trendy colors :


Although the Luther actor keeps the technical components of his outfits fairly standard, Idris Elba isn't afraid to wear bright colors and experiment with textures.

Elba opted for a separate suit for a GQ event, sleek red pants with a white oxford shirt, matching red tie, gray and red plaid blazer, and completed the look with three-tone buggy shoes.


Wear trendy coats or outerwear:


Idris Elba knows that if you have a really nice coat, that's pretty much all anyone looks at.

Idris Elba in a custom coat

Case in point; Elba's outfit at the Harper'sBazaar Women Of The Year awards which consisted of a Gucci double-breasted blue wool equestrian coat with a contrasting gray velvet collar, worn over a black polo shirt, slim trousers and loafers Gucci horse bit.

And there you have it, now you know all the secrets of Idris Elba's style.


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