Comment entretenir son costume ?

How to maintain your suit?

Suit jackets

There are people who drop crazy amounts of money on tailored suits and treat them like jeans. It involves folding them in drawers, putting them in crumpled piles in the corners, and even sending them into the washing machine. But there are also those who know how to take care of a suit.


When we think of all the expenses that go into costumes, we usually think of only two things: the initial purchase and the alterations. But we often forget the cost of maintaining a suit.


To be more precise, it is not so much a cost as compensation for future costs. Well-maintained suits last longer and look better over their entire lifespan.


Being impressive in a suit isn't just about spending money on a tailor for a cut that reflects your figure. It's part of the process, of course, but there's still work to do once you bring that baby home. If you want to extend the beauty and life of your suit, you need to take care of it.


In this guide, we'll show you concrete steps you can take to keep your suits well-maintained.


Here are the essential tips and tools you'll need to make sure your suit stays as good as the day you bought it.

Avoid dry cleaning


Your normal clothing care process is simple. Step One: Wear it. Step Two: Wash it. Step Three: Repeat.


Your first desire, after wearing your suit for several days at the office or a few nights out on the town, is probably to have it dry cleaned. Don't do it!


Frequent dry cleaning of your suits can actually shorten their lifespan due to the chemical process involved. Save dry cleaning for stains or other major emergencies, and even then, have only the affected areas cleaned if possible. The rest of the time, take care of your costume yourself.


Here are the essential tips and tools you'll need to make sure your suit stays as good as the day you bought it


Buy a suit brush



Suit brush

The best way to ensure your suit stays in tip-top shape is to brush it after every outing. The fabric of a suit loses its integrity over time as dirt and invisible particles accumulate. A good suit brush will help extend its lifespan.

The suit brush looks a lot like your hairbrush, with a wooden or plastic body/handle and synthetic or animal hair bristles. Natural animal hair is the best solution to prevent the hair from being too coarse and damaging your suit.

Invest in quality hangers


Wooden hangers

No wire hangers, ever. You should be ashamed of yourself for letting this idea cross your mind. The right hanger helps maintain the shape of your jacket, extending its life, and helps smooth out wrinkles that form during wear. The cost can vary greatly, so just look for a wide-shouldered, wooden hanger that fits your budget. If you wear your suit to work and take your jacket off during the day, it doesn't hurt to have a second hanger in the office to avoid throwing it over the back on a chair.


Protect your suit in a fabric cover


Your costume may have come with a plastic bag, but ditch it as soon as you get it home. A fabric cover is the ideal solution, as it promotes better air circulation and allows your suit to breathe. It also protects against moths and wrinkles. Wait a day or two after wearing your suit to put it in a bag, and make sure your closet isn't so tight that air can't reach it.


With the basic tools in hand, you're ready to get down to business by taking care of your best clothes. Work hard, play hard, and take care of yourself. Here's how to extend the life of your faithful clothing companion:


Clean your suit


Have we already mentioned that your suit should rarely be banished to the dry cleaners? Some particularly dedicated costume enthusiasts only dry clean their costumes once or twice a year. Base your dry cleaning habits on the fabric of your suit. Fabrics with a count greater than 150 are softer, but also thinner and more fragile. Dry clean them as rarely as possible. After a long night, hang your suit outside and use a damp cloth to clean any stains.


Never iron your suit, steam it


A good steamer is not inexpensive, but it is a worthwhile investment. Steaming your suit is a gentle method of removing wrinkles and odors and does not damage the fibers. Avoid using a regular steam iron to iron your suits, as the high temperature may damage them. Also avoid spraying the chest area, which may disrupt the shape of the internal web.


Learn to brush and roll

Wool tends to accumulate dust, dirt, and lint from the environment with wear. Brush your suit after each ride, starting at the shoulders and working down. Always brush gently and slowly, and never perpendicular to the fibers. Use a lint roller if necessary to keep everything nice and clean.

Hang it correctly

Hang up your suit when you're not wearing it. As we have already stated, you should never use flimsy metal hangers and you should be careful to hang your suit in a place where it is not too tight against other clothes. The right hanger will have a contoured shape that matches the shape and drape of your jacket, be wide enough to touch each edge of the shoulders, and be made of a natural wood that helps absorb moisture from the fabric.


Cover your suit well when traveling

A garment bag is essential if you're a serious traveler with a suit. Look for a bag that is easy to carry, lightweight and breathable. If a garment bag is totally out of the question, learn how to properly fold and pack a suit in a way that minimizes wrinkles and provides maximum protection.


Let your suit rest every once in a while


One of the best things you can do for your suit is to let it take regular vacations. In the same way that your muscles need to rest after a serious workout, your suit needs time to recover after being worn. Try to avoid wearing the same suit several days in a row to prevent it from getting worn out (unless you're going straight to the office, in which case wear yesterday's clothes with pride). Go through your clothes closet regularly so that each suit has time to rest.

And there you have it, now you know how to take care of your suit!


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